About Us

Who are Red Berry Crafts?

Red Berry Crafts is a craft supply company based in Stotfold,  Bedfordshire. We cater for crafters and creators who want a range of  supplies for projects big and small. Our blank craft shapes are cut from  either Plywood or MDF in various sizes and shapes for you to create  great works in whatever style you decide; whether you want to paint  them, cover them, use them to embellish your gifts, make plaques,  pictures, decorate your home or garden, use them for pyrography, frames,  toys, stands for models, the list goes on and on as far as your  imagination takes you!

As we produce the shapes here we can also take orders for custom cut  items to your specific requirements, so if you can't find the shape or  size that you want you can contact us and we will cut them for you -  charges for these items will depend on the complexity of your order,  please go to our custom order page for more details.