Dinosaur 3D Puzzle Kits

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3D Dinosaur Puzzle Kits

3D Puzzle Set which includes: The Carnivorous Velociraptor, the Gigantosaurus, the Rhino Triceratops, the Spikey Stegosaurus, the Terrible Deinonychus, the Armored Ankylosaurus, the Chinese Sinornithosaurus, and the Giraffatitan Brachiosaurus.

Check out our Brand New Very Simple and Interesting Dinosaurs. They make a Wonderful Gift for that Special Person, Family Member or Friend in your life. Also for the Collectors who enjoy adding Wonderful New Projects to their already Growing list of Collectable & Very Artistic & Unique Projects. You can design and paint these puzzles however you like and you can buy the set once we release it. 

Coming soon....

The Cresty Saurolophus, the Gigantosaurus, the Feathered Dromaeosauridae, the Prehistoric Mammal, the Reptilic Allosaurus, the Spined Haplocanthosaurus, and the Thorny Polacanthus.

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